Tuesday, December 20, 2011

To a Dying Mother

Silent, unmoving,
On a bed as worn
As the rag you are dressed in,
Tears forming in your eyes,
Knowing what's coming,
An end to it all

But mine still lies ahead,
The wind howling outside
Reminds me that the world
Can be like your heart,
Cold and scathing
For I needed to bleed
To prove my worth

Yet my love I give you,
But there's nothing more
That you can do
But wait out the days
Till your eyes are closed
And dream forever, a silent memory

So carry your tears now,
For none shall be shed
After you're gone,
To water the chances
That somewhere in that world
Forgiveness can grow

And as your blood turns
To ash inside your veins,
The light weeps not for your soul
But darkness forever more
Shall sprout from those seeds
You planted in me,
So carry on, dream

© Antonio Beardall

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